Differences Between SPGs And Tank Destroyer Units In World Of Tanks Blitz

When playing World of Tanks Blitz, tanks are obviously the first and the most common choice. However, the game features other units as well, some which are a bit more specific. SPGs and tank destroyers are actually very different than ordinary tanks, so we must give you an insight into these two vehicle types.

Self-propelled guns (SPG)

SPGs are designed as a support for tanks. Basically, they are backup artillery with a devastating power and accuracy. Of course, the entry-level SPGs are weak and won’t allow you anything impressive. World Of Tanks Blitz Hack allows you to acquire advanced and more powerful SPGs in less than 2 minutes. Furthermore, you will be able to get one which has thick armor. Almost all SPGs are very low on defense ratings.

Tank Destroyers (TD)

Tanks destroyers are in essence, well-armored tanks with slow sleep and with strong damage rate. They are designed as destroyers of heavy enemy’s tanks. Attacking lighter or medium tanks is possible as well and in a matter of fact, you can destroy one with a single hit. Besides the fact all of the TDs are slow, they usually have a gun mounted on the hull itself. This means that you don’t have a turret, so you cannot move the crosshair.

Both of these units are specialized and rarer that conventional tanks. If you are planning on starting the game with them, use the hack to get the unit which is powerful enough to destroy a tank or two. Entry-level models won’t take you anywhere, so getting one that can as soon as possible will have an amazing effect on your gameplay. With the hack, you will probably be the best SPG or tank destroyer player in the team.