Dramatic Advantages Of Cloud Technology Realized By Oracle

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "oracle"Mark Hurd is the key personality in the top IT Company of the world. He is the present CEO of Oracle Corporation Inc. He joined the company as the co-president in 2010 but sooner he escalated to the position of CEO of the company because of his capabilities and skills.  He has contributed a lot to the growth of the company by aggressive cost cutting methods which enhanced the overall productivity. Recently, Mark Hurd keynote some cloud related predictions for the year 2025.  His predictions about cloud are so strong that it seems the executives from the present leader of cloud, Amazon will be surprised.

Predictions made by Mark

He made predictions about the cloud computing applications in the world by 2025. He predicted that:

  • More than 80% of the cloud storage will expand
  • 80% production of the apps and the software will be done on the cloud platform
  • Servers, data warehouses and the operating system will witness a significant downfall as more of the data and applications will be on cloud
  • Public as well as private enterprises will use cloud for managing their businesses

Reasons why Oracle Will Lead the evolution of Cloud Computing

Here are some of the reasons as described by the Oracle’s CEO Mark Hurd stating that Oracle will be the leader by the year 2025 in cloud technology:

  • Oracle is the only existing IT Company which is capable of coexisting on Cloud.
  • Oracle has kept the long term vision in consideration hence the platforms designed by it are extensible.
  • The company has built the best breed SaaS suite on the international standards.

Other reasons are the low cost, low complexity, innovative, simple and secure features of the cloud that enable the oracle to lay emphasis on working on cloud.